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Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium invites you into the complex world of the modern farmer. You will become the head of a powerful enterprise for breeding thoroughbred livestock. You will have the opportunity to purchase animals of various types and breeds, such as: bulls and cows, pigs and sheep, and even rabbits and chickens. Like many modern day farmers, you will be growing a variety of grains and legumes, potatoes and sugar beets.
You will have modern tools and materials at your disposal. For example, you will have access to state-of-the-art animal husbandry equipment that will help you organize a quality irrigation system, improve turf maintenance, and much more.
You will be able to engage in the implementation of innovative technical solutions in the growing process. So, you will be able to improve the quality of products with the help of an innovative approach to breeding and modern technology.
In addition, you can use fertilizers, herbicides, growth promoters and many other modern tools to achieve the growth and quality of the crop, as well as increase its value. All this will allow you to get incredibly rich harvests and show economic efficiency.
Game features
Unique features.
For the first time in the history of farming simulator, you will be able to develop your ranch from the ground up. With the help of new features, you can explore new lands, build new farms, improve and rebuild them. The game will use high-quality, realistic materials used in real-world enterprises.
Unique terrain texture.
Realistic texture of the ground surface and its depth, as well as shadows and lighting will be used to realistically display the actions of the farmer on the farm in the real world, which in turn will allow you to realistically and believably manage your farms.
Productivity increase.
Improving your agricultural resources will help you achieve not only higher yields, but also fully realize the opportunities that the game developers have prepared for you.
Original ideas for business.
Many farmers in their business face a problem when they do not have any ideas for further development. In this case, you can take advantage of a unique game scenario in which the farmer needs to solve different tasks that will help him reach a new level of business. In your case, you will have to develop your farm at the first level, for which you will have access to new features such as the construction of buildings, exploration of mineral deposits and much more, which will allow you to reach a whole new level of farm development.
Getting loans.
Special credits can be obtained for the real funds that will be f02ee7bd2b